Neurological Disorders are among the most difficult of medical conditions to treat with no definite cure or course-of-treatment that can promise complete recovery. Most conventional treatments for Neurological Disorders are expensive and are associated with side-effects. A smarter and definitely wiser approach to treating Neurological Disorders is using natural aids like minerals and vitamins. These nutrients pose no health risk even if consumed for a longer period. The use of minerals and vitamins for treating Neurological Disorders has been supported by healthcare professionals across the world since the lack of macro- or micro-nutrients is known to cause or fasten the progress of many neurological conditions.

Role of Natural Vitamins & Minerals in Treating Neurological Disorders

ADD, OCD, Tourette’ Syndrome, Autism and ADHD are common Neurological Disorders with a global prevalence. Sometimes, these disorders occur simultaneously with overlapping symptoms that are nearly impossible to decode. The treatment here is usually dependent upon prescriptions drugs that are very expensive and likely to induce serious side-effects. Many prescription medications are known to dampen the activity of nerve cells apart from lowering the overall neurological performance. Instead, a combination of proper nutrient intake via dietary changes and use of regular, behavioral therapies has been found to be more effective.

Intake of appropriate mineral and vitamins can avert allergic reactions, improve immunity levels and control sensitivity to chemical or environmental factors apart from helping control internal inflammation and chronic problems. People are known to see a change in their behavior, mood and overall mental acuity when their diet is altered. In some folks, the changes can be minimal while some might notice a significant transformation.

How Vitamins & Minerals Avert or Cure Neurological Disorders

Chemical exposure in among the primary reasons causing neurological damage in many children. This includes chemicals found in our daily environment. Similarly, lowered immunity and undiagnosed reactions to certain medications can cause inflammation in the brain that can lead to neuropathy. Most patients of neurological disorders have a weakened or compromised immunity. Thus, dietary improvement where more minerals and vitamins are consumed in the form of fruits and vegetables are bound to help fight inflammations and boost the immune system.

Vitamin E is being currently probed for its significant role in treating and preventing neurological disorders. Vitamin E levels have been found to be extremely low among people diagnosed with serious neurological conditions like ALS. Vitamin E is an antioxidant and at the core of maintaining high immunity levels among humans. Similarly, Vitamin C and Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin) are highly recommended for treating neurological ailments. Minerals like Magnesium are vital for property neurological functioning.

Boosting Natural Vitamin & Mineral Intake

Before staring a mineral or vitamin supplementation regimen, ensure that you seek the advice of your neurologist or pediatrician about the best possible options. It is best advised to take these nutrients in their natural form so that they are properly metabolized by the body and absorbed comprehensively. Sometimes, a combination of vitamins and many trace minerals, fortified with omega-3 or DHA supplements is required while sometimes a single, booster dosage rendered across a schedule can help to lower stress levels apart from improving the behavior of neurological patients.